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The drugs don’t work


"A new assault by a leading psychologist on Prozac-style antidepressants claims they are worse than useless."The Emperor's New Dr

A new book by Dr Irving Hirsch, "The Emperor’s New Drugs" (Bodley Head), challenges the claims of the drug industry regarding SSRIs or Prozac-like medication. It seems that the evidence is accumulating that SSRIs are no better than placebos and in many cases worse.


David Let Them Eat ProzacHealey, Professor of Psychiatry has exposed the often false claims regarding SSRIs in his books - " Let them Eat Prozac" 2004 and "The Antidepressant Era" 1997. We have bought into the 'myth' that depression is widespread and that it can be treated by SSRIs. Take a look! You may be very surprised.