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A fun way to get more exercise

How to get people to use the stairs

I received this from Enrique, a dear student of ours, and I thought it was worth sharing with you. I am not into advertising any particular firm but the idea merits exposure.

Evolutionary Psychology and Religious ideas

A controversial set of lectures

I came across this very intersting series of lectures by Dr. Andy Thomson about the parasitic qualities of religion. His lectures develop a theme that has been developing over the last decade about our human cognitive architecture and its weaknesses, especially for irrational beliefs. The way Dr. Thomson presents his argument helps us to understand the traps we easily fall into by dint of our evolutionary tendencies.

Dr. Andy Thomson

His hypotheses have helped me to understand more about my own behaviour as a young man. Dr. Thomson has also expressed some very interesting ideas about the function of depression. I will share that theme with you in a future blog post.