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Meditation Workshop "El espacio que Libera"

Pedro A. Flores

Saturday October 17, '15 at 05:00 PM

Teacher: Pedro A. Flores

Pedro graduated in history from the University of Salamanca. He also holds the AIPYS Yoga Teacher diploma in Hatha Yoga and Meditation. Professor and specialist in meditation traditions, he began his workshops in 2004 at the Yoga Center in Madrid. At present he is devoted to the practice and diffusion of meditation in small groups, where he freely teaches his personal commitment to this ancestral pracitice from a human point of view. He is also author of two books, "Amantia" and "El Tambor Silencioso"

A conscious state

Meditation is a conscious state of relaxation; to prolong that state in the comfort and quiet of a suitable posture or in the activity of your daily life is the goal of these workshops. It opens us to a fresh perspective that is deeply seated in the calm and serenity of your body and mind.

Full Awareness

This workshop is based on attention exercises, breathing, perception, observation and mental fitness and the judgments and values that are shaping our experience. The physical, emotional, psychological and social are levels at which we express and become the object of observation.

A Preparation for Life

We invite you to meditation. Give yourself this gift, as a preparation for life with simplicity and freedom from fear.

3 hour workshop


Saturday from 17:00 to 20:00


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