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4 Meditations Workshops

The silence drum, meditation

Pedro A. Flores

Sunday February 02, '20 at 11:00 AM

Teacher: Pedro A. Flores

Pedro graduated in history from the University of Salamanca. He also holds the AIPYS Yoga Teacher diploma in Hatha Yoga and Meditation. Professor and specialist in meditation traditions, he began his workshops in 2004 at the Yoga Center in Madrid. At present he is devoted to the practice and diffusion of meditation in small groups, where he freely teaches his personal commitment to this ancestral pracitice from a human point of view. He is also author of two books, "Amantia" and "El Tambor Silencioso"

Meditation Course with Pedro A. Flores

The Silent Drum. Four Workshops for Meditation

In meditation you recognize your present pain. You undo the past of fears and you prevent a future of suffering.

Meditation Course from Febrery 2020 to June 2020 with 9 sessions from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

The objective is to approach in depth the theory and practice of the four workshops for meditation proposed in the book The Silent Drum.

Throughout the nine sessions of the Course the contents will be presented and guided in the suggested practices. The sessions are aimed at promoting the practice of meditation from an open and markedly human perspective. Personal commitment is the essence of this procedure that explores our own life in its physical, emotional, psychological and interpersonal dimensions and their need to be transformed.

The meditative practice is intimately linked to the experience of our lives. It is a physical, emotional and psychic tool that affects favorably our way of life and contains the potential to consolidate a new attitude towards the things that happen to us. For this reason, we are presenting the art of meditation in these Four Workshops.

We emphasize the essence of the tradition, which is to bring awareness and, an attitude that gives a change of perspective and offers us options to face the real world.

First Workshop: Conscious Relaxation

To establish ourselves in the temporary retirement in the posture seated or thrown.

Conscious relaxation constitutes a necessary time of rest and a space for psychophysical balance.

Our work will be to adapt the body and mind from the delivery and respect.

Conscious relaxation is not treated as a technique of bodily or mental exercises, but as a conscious attitude. Spaces and consciousness start from the recognition of the specific places of our tension, stress, anxiety, anguish or fear.

Knowing ourselves better offers us new options about the experience.

Second Workshop: Unconditional Trust in Ourselves

The meditative process must include normalizing this practice; introduce sanity and reflection; accept and accept present experience.

From this recognition do not resign ourselves and follow the path of conscious spaces.

Confidence is in ourselves conscious. Thus, it will be our attitude and the set of skills acquired that work in favor and facilitate better management of certain experiences.

Meditation is treated as a preventive procedure.

Third Workshop: Serene Spaces in Personal Relationships

The practice includes non-isolation, and a conscious action prevails in daily life.

The others provide references to take into account, because their information provides an essential ethic and defines us.

The interpersonal relationship will be the center of a coherent procedure, which does not separate the conscious subject from his inescapable reference.

The meditative procedure involves us personally, and at the same time links with an option of great interest in relationships.

The vulnerability of the other offers an opportunity for transformation.

Meditate integrates a serene space between subject and object.

Fourth Workshop: The Experience of Calm

We adhere to the joy of the heart in a very human body and mind.

A new relationship with us must be based on how we relate to the inside and the outside.

The experience of us, body-mind, is consolidated in the conscious breathing path and in the depth of our detachment.

The withdrawal, or temporary option of the sitting or lying posture, situates us in the experience of calmness.

Calmness is a deep mystery that emerges from an attitude.

Meditation is an instrument for life, which resurfaces at present with renewing force as a useful tool to modify experiences.

The things that happen to us are the appropriate referent, and before them we mature a conscious perspective, of relationship with ourselves and others, which in itself modifies the experiences,

Dates 2020:

  • 02 February
  • 16 February
  • 08 March
  • 22 March
  • 05 April
  • 26 April
  • 10 May
  • 24 May
  • 07 June


Sundays from 11:00 h to 14:00 hrs.


Complete Course of 9 Sessions

  • Course: 523,00 €
  • 30 days before the start date: 459,00 €

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