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Yoga Workshop for Athletes II

for Athletes, Master Class

Nerea Esbrit

Saturday May 16, '20 at 05:00 PM

Teacher: Nerea Esbrit

In my childhood I competed for years as a gymnast in high competition. Afterwards I looked for a balanced discipline that respected body and mind without competition. That's when I discovered Yoga. It resulted in my taking the 500 hour Teacher Training at Yoga Center and the joy of sharing Yoga with others as a teacher.

Yoga Workshop for athletes II

Do you want to enjoy your sport more?

Do you want to improve your flexibility, balance, concentration and performance?

Do you want to know how the practice of yoga can help you in your sport and in your life?

The practice of yoga is increasingly common among athletes. Both at an amateur and professional level, the benefits of working with the union of body and mind make us feel more well-being.

In this theoretical and practical Master Class, with the help of coaching tools, we will learn to integrate yoga into your daily life and in your sports practice, always from a friendly look and in favor of ourselves and our body.

In this masterclass we will see:

  • Breathing.
  • Breathing our great ally.

  • Self-care.
  • Listening to the body- Proprioception - Postural alignment.

  • Integrating yoga in our training.
  • Working and paying attention to the muscles we forget in our sport.
  • Relaxing
  • Meditating