Meditation of Kundalini Workshop

Richness and variety of techniques.

Kaline C. Khalsa

Wednesday January 24, '18 at 05:00 PM

Teacher: Kaline C. Khalsa

Kaline is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher with extensive experience and training in this field. She received direct transmission of this discipline from Yogi Bhajan,

Meditation of Kundalini workshop

Fears: meditations to overcome them

These workshops are characterized as collections of original meditations to Kundalini Yoga, which cannot be found in another discipline. Thus the mind is subject to something totally new for which it has no reference and it is difficult to prevent the process of change triggered by experience.

Previous experience not necessary

We have designed them to be accessible to anyone, without or with previous Yoga experience. Apart from some stretching and warming movements, the meditative work is done sitting, with the upper part of the body, using a mixture of: different breathing patterns, coordination of movements, sounds and approaches of the gaze. So everyone can participate.

Fast effect

According to yogis, nothing exists outside of you, but as a reflection of everything that happens within you, whether conscious or not. So, if you don't like one aspect of your life, whatever it is, the yogic solution is to go inside to adjust the frequency you emit, and change what you attract to you, what your circumstances reflect. A simple change of perspective can generate monumental changes in your life.

Fears: meditations to overcome them

Kundalini Yoga identifies 22 types of essential fears.

Yogi Bhajan left behind formulas so that your nervous system can recognize the fear within you and can learn to balance under the pressure it creates.

Thus you learn to overcome the experience of feeling it, creating new positive references in your mind. Without more power to paralyze you, fear is again a simple “alarm clock”, with the function of drawing your attention to a developing problem that you can avoid or solve by taking action consciously.


17:00 to 20:00


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