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Good nutrition is considered the key to long-term well-being.

Marta Celada

Friday May 15, '20 at 05:00 PM

Teacher: Marta Celada

The world of health and wellness can be overwhelming, with conflicting information and big claims in every corner.

What is a healthy diet?

  • Macro-nutrients, micro-nutrients and their ideal proportion.
  • Blood sugar levels and their impact on health.
  • Seasons and food.
  • The importance of water and hydration.
  • The quality of food today.

What factors condition my nutritional status despite eating a healthy diet?

"Not all bodies are equal"

  • Needs depending on the stages of life, gender, activity and physiology.
  • Health of the digestive system: parts, functioning and how to keep it in top shape.
  • We are what we eat and what we absorb.
  • Other factors: lifestyle, stress, anti-nutrients.

What diet should I take or how should I keep my diet?

  • Review of different types of diet: typical western, Mediterranean, vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic, paleo ....
  • practical tricks to improve our nutritional status.
  • analysis of the participants' diets and application of the commented tricks.


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