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Mindfulness Stress Reduction Spa Program

Westley Adam Eckhardt

Sunday August 25, '13 at 05:30 PM

Teacher: Westley Adam Eckhardt

Westley Eckhardt (Swami Shanmugananda) is director and trainer of trainers in 'Yoga Center Madrid', Psychologist and Cofounder of A.I.P.Y.S. A disciple and deputy director of SYVC organisation, he led the ashrams of Canada and the Bahamas for 17 years. Profound connoisseur of the Hindu tradition with more than three decades of experience in his teaching. Specialised in Oriental Philosophy, Yogic Tradition, Meditation, Mindfulness and 'Mindset'. I added to my baggage three master's degrees in the United Kingdom: a master's degree in psychology, a master's degree in business administration and a master's degree in philosophy.

25 - 30 August

Who is this program for?

This program is for those who want to learn to reduce their stress and improve their general health and wellbeing.

Objectives of the Program

Our experience, gathered over two decades of teaching mindfullness stress reduction, indicates that the majority of those who complete the program report:

  • Lasting reduction in physical and psychological symptoms
  • An greater ability to relax
  • Lower pain levels and an improved ability to deal with pain that may not go away
  • Increased energy and enthusiasm for life
  • Improved self-esteem
  • A mechanism to better cope with both short and long-term stressful situations.

Mondariz Spa Hotel

Conscious Living

The course is highly participatory and practical. It includes:

  • Instruction in Mindfulness Meditation
  • Breathing Techniques
  • stretching Exercises and gentle Yoga
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Group discussion to develop mindfulness in daily life

The course is life-affirming while being challenging. The instructors are experienced and practiced at creating a supportive, and deeply rewarding learning environment.

Balneario Mondariz

Health Benefits

The relaxation and reduction of stress that are claimed to result from meditation may have prophylactic and therapeutic health benefits. Many research papers claim to show this.

The Mindfulness Stress Reduction Program has helped people complaining of a variety of conditions and concerns:

  • Stress—including school, work, family, illness, aging, grief, financial, feeling “out of control” and uncertainty about the future.
  • Medical conditions—including high blood pressure, chronic illness or pain, fibromyalgia, skin disorders, asthma, and many other conditions.
  • Psychological distress—including fatigue, anxiety, panic, sleep disturbances and depression.
  • Prevention and Wellness—including wellness and health improvement, focused on learning and prevention and “how” to take good care of yourself and feel a greater sense of balance.

General Information


At the famous Hotel Balneario de Mondariz****



The course will be directed by the following senior trainers.


Program + full American Plan(AP) in a Private Room (1 bed).

  • If payment is received after the 15th of July, 2013:
  • Total: 1602 € • (Program +(AP))
  • If payment is received before the 15th of June, 2013:
  • Total: 1509 € • (Program +(AP))

Program + full American Plan (AP) in a double room.

  • If payment is received after the 15th of JULY, 2013:
  • Total: 1,337 € • (Program +(AP))
  • If payment is received before the 15th of July, 2013:
  • Total: 1,243 € • (Program +(AP))

Program Reservations

If you wish to reserve a place please send the full payment early. Private rooms are limited.

Cancellation Policy

  • If you cancel 21 days or more before your program begins you will receive the full amount minus a 50,00€ processing fee.
  • If you cancel less than 21 days prior to the event you will receive 40% of your payment.
  • No refunds will be issued for cancellations made less than 7 days prior to the starting date of the event.

To take advantage of the favourable prices, full payment must be received before the cut off date.

Amounts can be paid by cash, money order, credit card or bank transfer to:

Yoga Center, S.L.

Account number: 2100 1417 16 0200283014

Note: On the bank transfer you must indicate your name and the course that you are taking.

To Register Now for the Course

You can download a registration form pdf. After printing it out you can fill it in and then mail it in or fax it to 911850398 with your deposit to reserve your place on the course.


We reserve the right to make changes to any of the above without further notice.