Mabel Pérez Sola

Mabel Pérez Sola


Serrano, 6 bajo 4

28001 — Madrid



Home phone: 91 575 1913

AIPYS Diploma: Hatha Yoga Instructor AIPYS Diploma: Hatha Yoga Teacher AIPYS Diploma: Iyengar Yoga Instructor AIPYS Diploma: Yoga Pilates Instructor


My Biography: 

I started practicing yoga 15 years ago due to a physical problem and since then I have not ceased to have any connection with this exciting world. 

My background is as a teacher of Hatha Yoga instructor and teacher of Iyengar and Yoga-Pilates. In addition I complement my training with various seminars and intensive courses in Spain and abroad. 

As a member of Yoga Center team, I feel bless to have this opportunity to maintain direct contact with students and with all the people who come to ask about the center's activities. To teach in a center with so much prestige is a great satisfaction for me, enabling me to keep up to date with new practices, corrections and teachers from all over the world. 

¡¡¡¡¡..... I think I can not ask for more as a yoga teacher ......¡¡¡¡¡¡ 

My passion

I am the technical director of the teachers training courses in Hatha Yoga and Yoga-Pilates, teaching, practicing  is something that I really love, and keep constantly updating my knowledge is a privilage. 

I love to see how students evolve and improve their practices. As from the first month of the course to finish, the personal growth and the relationship between students of different groups get more and more friendly, open and very creative. 


I invite you to see my class schedule.



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