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Teacher Training Modalities

A Yoga school of reference in our country, at the forefront in the application of modern anatomical techniques to practice, and which addresses the study of tradition with authentic academic rigor, free of sectarianism. (Manuel Amaya)

We at Yoga Center Madrid update our training courses regularly. The results are passed on to the classrooms on an annual basis.

How to Choose a Course

Course Format

  • Monthly - 10 weekends - academic year.
  • Daily - 5 days a week - 10 weeks.
  • One intensive month - Residential.


The classes take place on weekends. The whole course typically lasts from September or October until June or early July.

This formula is ideal for those students who want to make the training compatible with their work week. Whether they live in Madrid or out of town.


Monday through Friday, in the morning or the afternoon. This format fits best trainees who:

  • Have time during the day to attend the classes and perform their homework.
  • Are in a good physical shape to respond to the intensive nature of the training.
  • Live in or near Madrid.


These courses typically:

  • Take place in the summer.
  • Take place in a country, beach or mountainous location. Always in a beautiful and pleasant setting.
  • Very Intense. The daily schedule includes 9 to 10 hours of classes and lectures plus some homework. Please make sure you are in a reasonable shape to get the most of out of the course.
  • Lead the students to make a lot of progress in a very short amount of time. Physically in their practice as well as mentally in their understanding of the yoga path.


Most of our courses are offered at the Yoga Center Madrid ®. Occasionally we also provide training in other places.

  • Madrid
  • Vigo
  • Mondariz-Balneario
  • Germany
  • India