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Coaching through Yoga:


I am a Certified Coach ICF (International Coach Federation) Staff and executive. (Training based on Ontological Coaching, integrating tools from psychology, neuroscience, linguistics, learning Theories, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Systemic Coaching, Energetic Coaching, etc.)

Nerea Esbrit
Nerea Esbrit, coach

My Orientation

Passionate about people, curious about how we are and how we function, and intent on improving individual and collective well-being, I dedicate myself to train, accompany, facilitate and help, through coaching processes, Yoga practices and meditation. In every area of ​​life - work, family, relationships, and oneself ... I endeavour to bring your self and help you realise your own goals. You have the potential to create your own future in harmony with your deepest desires. The tools will help you on your path, a path that only you can undertake. Take a step and find your happiness NOW.

Teacher Training HY

"Already at the stage in which you are training as Yoga teachers, you thoroughly know the techniques of the asana, and the next question that comes up is "and now what?"
Now you have the ability and opportunity to go a step further, to explore the limits of the postures and move towards your goals. You will learn to recognize the fine line that differentiates Yoga from acrobatics or gymnastics
. You will evolve towards a conscious and integrated asana."

Coaching is a personal learning process, in which the Coach, through questions, helps you find new possibilities and ways in the search for solutions to your doubts or problems, in order to achieve a purpose or an objective.

You will discover, by reflecting from new points of view, the necessary answers that will mobilize you to connect with yourself and reach your personal potential.

We work in an environment of confidentiality, which makes commitment and emotional openness easier, and frees you from repression or taboos that may limit you.

With the idea that you are an "all", Coaching through Yoga, integrates and unites body and mind, sensations and thoughts ..., so that what you work on is reflected in all your being.

Coaching generates awareness about what you want, where you want to go, what you desire to achieve, but above all, it gets you to take action.

What can be achieved in a Coaching process?

Improving skills, making changes, any aspect in which you see that you do not flow as you would like, whether in the personal, family, work, or social environment. When you see that you repeat again and again certain circumstances and do not find how to change them, how much you feel paralyzed in front of certain situations, about something you want to improve.

The process usually needs between 6 to 8 sessions, of approximately 1 hour/session.

Session Fee:

  • € 50/hour session