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YC Method ®

YC Method®

Our YC Method fuses the traditional teachings with modern insights. Many of the ancient techniques share similar origins and demonstrate that different approaches suit all kinds of people, regardless of their motivation or personal limitations.

The Essence of the Yoga Tradition

We address the crucial importance of understanding the origin and development of Yoga from its ancient past until the present. By respecting the richness and variety of the traditional practices while remaining free of dogmatism, we are able to appreciate enriched the uniqueness of each practice.


One of the pillars of our training YC Method® is the incorporation of the "Pedagogy of Yoga" in our courses. The emphasis is clearly on how to teach. Our courses are fundamentally focused on the principle aim of making you an outstanding teacher. That is our reputation!

So, your vocabulary; the inflection of your voice; the pace of the class; correct bodily adjustments, taking into account the personal circumstances of each student; and, a full knowledge of diverse variations and adaptations necessary, will turn you into a highly skilled and professional teacher with a complementary broad knowledge of the Yoga tradition.

Training Project

In general, and due to international custom, it is considered that the vocational training for the proper teaching of Yoga must consist of a minimum of 200 or 500 hours of training. The distribution of the training hours is according to what suits the Yoga training center.

Yoga Center Madrid has designed a training program according to these international conventions. We have distributed the full program over three distinct courses covering the entire 500 hours. It is up to you as to how quickly and in what format you want to do your training.

Yoga Center Madrid complements this general program with specialised courses and continuing education for those who want to excel in their preparation, to expand their knowledge or refresh and update themselves.

The training programs of Yoga Center include the levels laid down in the Competence Units and Associate Training Modules for the Professional Certification of Yoga Instruction. Our graduates are excellently prepared for taking these exams, which the government plans to institute sometime in the future.


The design of our curriculum is the result of extensive experience in teaching and training in Yoga internationally for many years, and the results are incorporated in our teaching method. Our course content addresses the current physiological difficulties encountered in most Yoga classes. Our Method uses innovative instructional techniques to integrate the ancient Yoga practices with current physiological approaches being developed in the West.

This curriculum includes new teaching guidelines aimed not only at the acquisition of knowledge, but also for the development of skills and attitudes that provide professional competence. You will acquire all that you need to meet the demands of the modern Yoga teaching challenges.

Yoga Center Madrid offers 500 hours of training which allows students to become an RYT 200 (Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hours) or RYT 500 (Registered Yoga Teacher 500 hours), depending on the level of training completed.