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Come and try

If you have never done Yoga before then we recommend that you try a class or several classes of different styles. We want you to experience why 'Yoga Center' Madrid should be your choice for Yoga.

What to Expect from Your Introductory Yoga Class

We advise you to do only what you can in the introductory Yoga class. Follow the Yoga class as best you can - do not force any posture. If you feel at any point that you can't follow the rhythm of the Yoga class, don't hesitate to rest and join in the class again when you consider it appropriate.

3 Class Trial Kit

For new students'Yoga Center'offers you the possibility to try 3 different styles of Yoga over a 2 week period for only 38€. Choose from the following:

(You have the possibility to take one trial class if you already know which Yoga style you prefer.)

If you have any limitations

Please advise us if you have any medical counterindications that may limit your Yoga practice. Your teacher needs to be advised of any pain or discomfort that could affect your practice or any special needs or attention that you may require.

What You Need to Bring to Your Trial Classes

Comfortable clothing, light coloured socks and a small towel to place under your head.


After your introductory Yoga class experiences you can decide how you would like to continue at Yoga Center. Simply talk with our teachers or with Luz or Mabel. We recommend that after your trial classes we help you to decide on how to choose your favourite style and make a practice plan. You will advance more quickly and with greater security.

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