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'Yoga Center' Madrid Launches its Blog

Launching our Blog of Yoga & Health

I am proud to announce that we have finally launched our very own blog. As I headed our founders page with Heraclitus' wise words -"You can not step into the same river twice", I want to say that we at 'Yoga Center' Madrid are now stepping into a 'new waters' with our blog.spyglass

Bilingual Yoga Blog

I am launching it in two languages, Spanish and English, not only to keep you all better informed of the what is happening in the international community of Yoga, health, well being and spirituality; but, also because I can write to you more openly and freely in English and I believe that I can contribute much more if you let me speak to you in English as well as Castellano.

The Yoga Movement

I propose to share with you my opinions about Yoga, its practices, teachings and traditions. I hope sometimes to surprise you and perhaps challenge some of your favourite myths.

The Yoga community started out as a counter-cultural movement, that claimed to be above dogmatism, prejudice, exploitation and excessive consumption. It had faith in individual transformation and development, personal discipline and altruism. If, as we enter the 21st century, we don't stand up for our form of ethical humanism then we will have failed our original mission to assist in bringing global peace and universal brotherhood a bit closer for all.

I will share with you many of my personal interests and pet peeves related to our global predicament and the modern assaults against humanism.

Senior Teachers

Some of our senior teachers will also be blogging their experiences regarding teaching and practicing Yoga. Look for their blogs in the coming weeks. I have also invi¡ted important teachers and Swamis from around the world to participate.

'Yoga Center' Madrid Web Dialogue

I hope that you enjoy this web conversation. As the beginning of a new adventure, I look forward to discovering more about what Yoga and holistic health mean to you.

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Saturday November 28, '09 at 11:57 AM

Swami Atma


Congratulations. I look forward to read your many insights.

Saturday November 28, '09 at 03:19 PM



Thanks for all your encouragement. Without your vision and support none of thsi would have happened with such coherency and direction.

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